Crosswinds Year in the Bible

Crosswinds Year in the Bible

2018 is going to be an exciting year as we, as a church, walk through the entire Bible. Each Sunday we will take a look at something from that weeks reading, in our Life Groups we will discuss what we are all reading, on ministry teams we will look at the reading plan, this is truly a church wide movement! One of the ways we want to keep you on track is to make the plan(s) available for download and print here. There are three images below that will show you month to month, day to day, what we are reading. Here’s a few notes:

-We will read through the Old Testament for the first 5 months, Psalms in June, take July off, and complete the New Testament the last 5 months.

-If you miss a day or a week don’t stress! You can try to catch up or simply just start where the plan in when you can start again. This is meant to encourage us this year, not stress us out.

-Don’t read through the plan alone! Get in a Life Group, read with a family member or friend, ask a co-worker to read with you. Encouragement will go a long long way this year!

-Ask questions! There are no dumb questions!