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What is giveHOPE?

As a continuing part of the vision of Crosswinds (Honor Jesus, Make Disciples, Live Out His Word) we have purchased a new piece of property and are in the beginning phase of building a new church building and what we are calling The Hope Center.

Below you will find more information about this plan, how you can be a part, and the story. This information will be updated as needed to make sure everyone knows what is happening and how you can continue to pray for this project.

What is The Hope Center?

Around 6 years ago the staff began to pray for how we can, as a church, better impact our community. For a long time the Church was the center of the community and the community went to the church. This is simply not the reality anymore. So what do we do? It’s actually quite simple, the Church should go to the community. We began asking questions, seeing needs, and making connections. What we learned very fast was that there is not anywhere in the Leland area that para (outside of) church ministries can operate. We believe as a church the best way to help the community is not to reinvent ministries that are already making an impact, but instead to support ministries already in operation. For example, Manna Ministry is an amazing ministry that gives free groceries to families in need. It is not wise for us to start a food ministry, but wiser to assist Manna and do what we can to make it grow deeper. Simply put this is the vision for the Hope Center: a place for local ministries to operate and a place to make our community better! As a church we will continue to do many of “our” ministries out in the community (Backpack Backpack at Town Hall Park, etc) but we will also begin to operate out of the Hope Center. We, already, have around 5 area ministries desiring to partner with us in the Hope Center. Pray with us for deeper community connections, and pray with us for the area ministries we hope to pour into in the years ahead.

How Can I Help/Give

After prayerfully considering what and how you can give fill out this Commitment Form. Please know that this form is not a contract but is a personal commitment as God directs. This form is between you/your family and God, we simply need the commitment information to help the church be better stewards of our resources, and help with building planning.


How much money do we need to raise?

Our goal is $300,000.00 +

How long is my commitment?

giveHope is a 3 year commitment that began September 2015.

Can I switch my regular tithe over to giveHope?

No, we still have expenses to do ministry, utilities and rent, salaries, outreach such as backpack backpack, etc. The giveHope initiative is about sacrificial giving. Giving that is over and above your regular tithes and offerings.

What if we don’t reach the goal?

We would have to scale back on the building and not be able to minister the way we believe God is calling us to. Frankly we believe reaching the goal is very attainable. To do the simple math if 100 families to commit giving $3.000.00 over 3 years we are there. For example, 3 cups of coffee per week at a coffee shop is about how much it would cost per family to fulfill this goal. HOWEVER, you will hear Pastor Chris say over and over “this is about equal sacrifice not equal gifts”. We want you to be prompted by God and not math to make your commitment.

What if I can’t pledge the $3,000.00 mentioned?

It’s ok, you give what you feel God is directing you to. This is NOT about equal giving but equal sacrifice. Some will only be able to give a portion and others can do way more. This is as much about a spiritual journey as it is a financial. What is it that God may be wanting to do for you to help you trust Him more?

What if we go over our goal?

That is less we have to borrow and more ministry we can do.

How can I pay my pledge?

Just like you pay your current tithe (check, cash or online giving). We can also take non-cash assets such as land, vehicles, stocks, bonds, etc.

Do I have to pay my pledge monthly?

No, you can pay it in a one time lump sum. Or you can pay equal amounts each year, each month or each week toward your personal goal.

What if I am unable to fulfill my pledge?

We believe that If you seek God’s direction He will help you know what to commit and will help you to fulfill it. But, we also know things happen beyond our control and if for some reason you can’t it will be ok. We firmly believe as He has already done that God will provide a way for us to reach and exceed our goal.

How much will the building cost?

The estimated cost is between 1.8 – 1.9 million dollars for the total project. We do not have exact numbers just yet but hope to have them within the next 4-5 months. This figure does not include the cost of the land. The land was purchased back in January 2015 and by God’s grace we hope to have it paid off in October if the sale of the Wilmington property goes thru.

What is the anticipated start date and completion for the building?

Building something new is difficult to say the least. So many factors go into when we can start and thus when it will be completed. You will be the first to know when we are able to start!

How much money will we have to borrow?

That all depends on how much is collected through giveHope. If we reach our goal the estimated amount is around 1.4 – 1.5 million dollars. We are believing that God is going to help us raise more than our goal so that we are able to borrow less. Our goal is to not be building rich and ministry poor but the exact opposite. We are called to minister to the people of Brunswick county and the building is just a tool so we want to be wise stewards.

How does the cost of the new mortgage compare to our current rent?

We are currently paying rent equivalent to a million dollar mortgage so depending on what we raise thru giveHope and the total cost of the building we should end up somewhere close to what we are paying now or maybe slightly higher. It is not our intention to strap the church financially just to have a new building. We believe we can double our space for close to same amount of money as we are paying currently which will allow us to do ministry more effectively.


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