Hope Center

The Hope Center

The Hope Center will be, in short, a community partnership facility located at 445 Lanvale Road in Leland, NC. What is a community partnership facility? Crosswinds Church has been a part of Leland since 2009, and has built up partnerships with local civic groups, parachurch ministries, and other local churches. Over the years, the one “problem” that has surfaced is the lack of locations to offer community services and outreach projects. For example, in 2014, the Kiwanis Club of Leland wanted to offer free clothing to people in Leland but it took them 6 months to even find a location to have the distribution due to the lack of facilities able to hold such a volume of clothing. The Hope Center will, hopefully, be a growing place to host and house ministry opportunities and give space to any organization (church affiliated or not) that simply has the goal of making Leland better. Crosswinds believes in community! And it is our desire to partner with organizations and ministries already working well for our community.

The images below show plans for the new space. The Hope Center itself will start as a ~2,300 square foot warehouse attached to Crosswinds Church. Along with the warehouse space, which will host community distributions of food, clothing, etc., Crosswinds will offer the rest of the church building to community groups meeting needs in Leland to be used as meeting and/or classroom space. Some of the types of organizations already interested in using the Hope Center (and Crosswinds) facility are: monthly food distribution, meal preparation, free medical clinic, parenting classes, counseling, clothing distribution, and crisis pregnancy care. The goal of Crosswinds and the Hope Center is to outgrow the warehouse space and move into a future separate facility located on the same property.

We see the Hope Center as a place of true community partnership. Our desire is for multiple community groups and ministries to have a place not only to operate, but also where they can work hand in hand. Medical services can be helped by healthy food distribution, a crisis pregnancy evaluation can be helped by counseling services, a ministry that cooks food can serve while another gives out free clothing, the list goes on and on. As a church our goal is to bring ministries and organizations, not “under the Crosswinds umbrella”, but to offer Crosswinds as a partner with and for the services offered. If we can be so bold as to say, we want the Hope Center to be our gift to our great community and to the many great community groups in the Leland Area.

We are just in the beginning stages of planning and building. If you have any questions about the future of the Hope Center, how it operates within but separate from Crosswinds Church, or how your organization can get connected with the Hope Center, please email the Hope Center Director, Scott Hennis at shennis@crosswindslive.com , who is the Hope Center Director (and worship pastor for Crosswinds Church)

As organizations partner together and as we get closer to the opening of the Hope Center, more information will be added to this page, so keep checking back in.

Hope Center Elevation