Life Groups

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42 NIV Sometimes it’s difficult to put into practice the things we are challenged with on Sunday mornings. But what if we connected with people outside of Sunday morning? Would there be a difference in caring for the emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational needs of one another? We think so.

Our Life Groups consist of people who gather together frequently at church, in homes, or local restaurants for the purpose of building relationships and helping each other grow in their relationship with Christ. Within these small groups, strong relationships are formed that help support and encourage one another through good and bad times. In addition, these groups foster opportunities to join together in serving the community, the church, and the world, making them a better place in Jesus’ name.

Crosswinds Life Groups meet at various times and days throughout the week. Find one that meets near you or that fits your schedule. For more information about connecting with one of these groups, or if you are interested in hosting a group in your neighborhood, visit the Next Steps Desk at the church or send an email to:

Sunday Groups
1:00 PM in Windsor Park – Scott Hennis
1:00 PM in Mallory Creek – Eric Heschl

Tuesday Groups

6:30 PM in Olde Town (no child care) – Mark McAllister
7:00 PM in Brunswick Forest (no child care) – Ray Jernigan
7:00 PM in Waterford (no child care) – Bill Howard
7:00 PM in Waterford – Lenzie Grainger

Wednesday Groups
Men’s Group – 6:30 AM at JonDoughs on Village Road
echo)) – 6:30 PM at Crosswinds, 6th-12th Grade Students

Thursday Group
Ladies’ Group – 7:00 PM at Crosswinds – Roni Bundy

Friday Group
6:30 PM at Crosswinds – Warren Hardee

Once a Month Groups
Men of Valor – First Saturday of every month at 9:00 AM at Crosswinds. A group for men who are active or retired first responders and/or military – John Loyd