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Backpack Backpack 2016!!

This year Crosswinds Church will be helping 2 local schools with school supplies for both the students and the teachers. Here’s what you need to know:


Throughout July and most of August we will be collecting school supplies for the students at Lincoln Elementary School and cleaning supplies for the teachers at RBA. You can bring the items to the church any Sunday or during any business day (Monday-Thursday 8:00-3:00). Please note the limited list of items and try your best to stick to the list. The lists were provided by the school as the biggest needs they have.


Lincoln Elementary:

Ear Buds/Headphones

Dry Erase Markers

#2 Pencils




Clorox Wipes

Lysol Spray

Stiffer Dusters, and Duster refills


Thank you for being a generous church year after year when school starts to kick back up!



-For more information about receiving or donating school supplies you can email Scott Hennis (Crosswinds worship pastor and Hope Center Director) at