Crosswinds Worship

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Our Purpose

The Crosswinds Worship department (musicians, sound operators, computer operators, creative design, etc) strives together with one purpose: to honor Jesus. We believe in not being a disruption to your engagement in worship. However, we also believe that the statement “not being a distraction” is just a nice way of saying that you are only doing good enough not to be noticed. Because of this we strive to pour ourselves into worship with excellence, meaning doing our very best for our Savior not mimicking the best of others. Long story short, we want, in all areas of creativity, to glorify Jesus and to lead others in the worship of our Savior and Creator. Before considering joining Crosswinds Worship please read Psalms 33:1-4. While not an exhaustive list of who we are, it is a short and to the point reminder for us. We: do everything for Jesus (v. 1), we sing to Him alone (v. 2), we strive to write original music (v. 3), we believe in bettering our skills for Him (v. 3), and we believe the Word must be central in all things we do (v. 4).

How To Get Involved

If you sing, play an instrument, have a good ear for sound, love working on computers, are an artist, or would simply like to assist in worship please email our Worship/Creative Arts Pastor Scott Hennis at Quite simply, you will be asked to attend our weekly rehearsals on Wednesday nights at 7:00 in the main auditorium, meet the team, express your area of interest, and then begin the conversation about worship and how you might fit in. We do not do scheduled or yearly auditions, though a process of vetting needs to be done. The only 2 requirements you need to know up front are: you must have a relationship with Jesus, and you need to have been a part of Crosswinds Church for at least 6 months ahead of joining the worship team.