Pastor Scott Hennis, Worship Pastor/Hope Center Director


Worship Pastor

Let’s see; I love Jesus, I was born in Wilmington (yep I’m a native), graduated from Laney GO BUCS, went to college for music at ECU and UNCW (Orchestral Bass), graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Pastoral Ministries, met my wife while playing musical theater at Thalian Hall (she was a dancer I was the bass player), we now have 2 kids; Sydney and Jude, 2 dogs; Shea and Norma Jean, and 6 rabbits (I hate the rabbits), worked at Thalian Hall in the orchestra pit for 20 years, managed a local lawn care company for 14 years, I love being in the garden, have led worship at 4 different local churches over the last 15 years, I have a small crush on Marilyn Monroe, I really like getting tattoos (yes it hurts, but pain fades), I love camping though my wife hates it, I fish and hunt, I spend way too much money on guitars and guitar gear, I get kidney stones often, I hate working inside, I visit the local pounds often (love dogs), when my wife and I retire we want to work at Disney World, oh yeah we go to Disney all the time it is literally the best place on Earth, and I love Crosswinds (and would attend even if not paid to do so). If you need to know anything else or want to know the best places to get tattoos just email me.


Star Trek Movies (even the bad ones), Wizard of Oz, Pirates trilogy, Gladiator, Mallrats, Dumb and Dumber, and anything Marilyn Monroe was in

I could go on and on to make it look like your worship pastor has a huge and diverse interest in music. However, here is the reality I like 80’s hair bands, I like creative worship music that challenges my personal skill set, and I really like the extremes of bluegrass and Opera. If you ask I would love to talk music with you!

Tv shows:
I’m a sucker for cooking shows, any and all Star Trek series (I literally only watch Star Trek on Netflix any and all chances I get)

Something you may no know about me:
I have learned how to play the Didgeridoo, and am currently learning Bagpipes; next I want to learn Hammer Dulcimer, Theremin, and Hurdy Gurdy

Thai, Chinese, Asian, and Casey’s Hotdogs (at the end of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom….again the greatest place on Earth)

Dream Job if I wasn’t at Crosswinds:
Chief Science Officer on Enterprise-D (nerd alert)

John 17:20-23 when Jesus says that only after believers are unified will people hear the Gospel. I have a passion to see the Church unified.