What is Give more hope?

In October of 2019, Crosswinds Church opened its doors at our current location on Lanvale Road.  Since that time, we have been able to connect and engage more people in the God-given mission of the Gospel, in spite of being in the midst of a pandemic.  We have been able to grow our influence and impact into the next generation by building relationships and teaching the Gospel to hundreds of children and teenagers every single week.  And we are steadily increasing our ability to meet specific needs within our community.  We see new faces almost every week and God is working.  People are making decisions to follow Christ, their lives are being changed, and they are impacting their world.  But we believe there is MORE.  We believe God is calling us to MORE.  To impact MORE lives.  To share His Gospel with MORE people.  And to bring MORE HOPE to our world.

We believe that God is calling us to expand our current facility so we can accomplish these goals.  Will you consider joining us on this journey of faith to reach more people with the Gospel of Christ and
GIVE MORE HOPE to our community?

$400,000 - our need
$500,000 - our goal
$600,000 - our faith

Click the GIVE HERE button below and when you see the
FUNDS scroll down tab click GIVE HOPE

My Give more hope commitment

If you'd like to join our Give More Hope campaign over the next two years fill out the form below. In the message box simply tell us your installment amount and total commitment, then click the boxes to indicate the install frequency you are choosing.  Thank you!